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How to use the events calendar: A list of events and their dates is below. Hover the cursor over the event date in the calendar, and a description appears. Click the event name in that description to see its full details.

Public talk

Bhikkhu Thanissaro (Ajahn Geoff) of Wat Metta, California will give a Dhamma talk and answer questions from 7 – 9 pm in Canmore.  Registration now open.

drop-in vesak meditation

Wednesday, May 30, 7-9PM
With Anne Mahoney

Calgary ims Monday Night drop-in Sangha

Upcoming dates:  We will not be meeting over the summer. Check back in late August for fall dates!
(See this and other sitting groups here.)

Alberta Dedicated Practitioner Program

Upcoming dates: June 5
 *Private Group - Registration Closed

Non-residential retreats

June 1 -3 - Ayya Medhanandi at Canmore plus
Public Talk June 1, 7-9 at Canmore Seniors Centre
For details on both,
see http://canmoretheravadabuddhism.ca/events/

Residential retreats


Workshop Series - Various dates

Presented by Anne Mahoney:
July 7, 2018 - Mindfulness in Action


For details and later events, See here (scroll through by date)


About CalgaryIMS

About CalgaryIMS

About Calgary IMS


Rooted in Theravada teachings of ethics, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom, Calgary Insight Meditation Society’s mission is to foster community, practice and learning among meditation and Dhamma practitioners in Calgary.


Calgary’s Insight/Theravada tradition community is connected and supportive, engaged in practicing, learning, sharing and serving in the spirit of the Dhamma.

Calgary IMS will

  • Serve as a community hub for Calgary area practitioners to share news, events and opportunities to help foster an engaged community of meditators and Dhamma practitioners;
  • Support connection and cooperation with other Insight/Theravada tradition communities in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and abroad;
  • Support connection and cooperation with practitioners of other Buddhist and secular meditation traditions in the Calgary area;
  • Promote, offer, assist with or manage practice and educational opportunities such as non-residential and residential retreats, workshops, classes and drop-in groups for new and experienced practitioners;
  • Foster opportunities for mutual support, community and mentorship for senior practitioners and teachers.


  • Calgary IMS values are founded in Buddhadhamma.
  • Participating in Calgary IMS is an opportunity to deepen Dhamma practice and follow the path leading to liberation from dukkha.
  • We strive to serve in alignment with the Eightfold Path, including Wise View, Wise Intention, Wise Speech, and Wise Action.