Retreat Lunch Order

Our lunch order is from Wise & Wright. See their website to learn more about them. Some of the menu items include meat or fish. The menu items look tasty and we invite you to order whichever meal you prefer and is most healthy and nourishing for you… and, perhaps also consider that in the spirit of renunciation and non-harming that is part of retreat from our usual lives, choosing a vegetarian option may be one way of supporting your practice for this retreat.
The food is delivered in compostable containers with compostable cutlery. Wildwood is an enthusiastic partner in Calgary’s composting and recycling program.

To order your lunch:

  1. Decide what you would like to order from the menu below. (‘GF’ = gluten free; ‘VE’ = vegan.) Click on the menu to enlarge it. Click away from the menu to shrink it again.

  2. It costs $15.20 for each lunch.

  3. Complete the form on the right to make your selection. You can place an order for both Saturday and Sunday, or either Saturday or Sunday.

  4. Once you’ve filled in the form, DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON UNDER THE FORM. (If you don’t submit the form, we can’t tell what you’ve ordered.)

  5. AFTER you’ve clicked the “Submit” button, click the PayPal “Buy Now” button to pay for your order.

  6. Food will be delivered to the retreat on Saturday and Sunday at lunch time.

  7. Please note: Orders must be placed by Monday, September 30. We are not able to make refunds for lunch orders, and once you’ve made your order, we are unable to change it.

Make your order:

1. Complete the following form and then click the SUBMIT button.
2. AFTER you’ve hit the SUBMIT button, select the day(s) you’ll be ordering lunch for from the drop-down list and then click the ‘Buy Now ’ Button to pay by credit card or PayPal account.

Name *
Click to select your Saturday meal.
Click here to select your Sunday meal.

Done the form? Yes? Great!
Did you hit the SUBMIT button? Yes? Thanks, now you can pay :-)
No? Quick, hit the SUBMIT button! Thanks, now you can pay :-)
(If you don’t submit the form, we can’t tell what you’ve ordered.)


Credit Card or PayPal Account:
1. Click the arrow in the Retreat Lunch field to select either Saturday, Sunday, or Both Saturday & Sunday from the list below.
2. Click the Buy Now button to pay. Scroll down on the form that opens to click the ‘Pay by Credit Card’ link.

Retreat Lunch

E-Mail Transfer:  To pay by e-mail transfer, e-mail Ali at