For 15 years, Dharma teacher James Baraz has helped students find joy in their lives through this engaging, transformative 5-month course. This year, Awakening Joy is available online from February 4 – June 18 and Carmen Wyatt will be leading a twice-monthly Awakening Joy group based on the course. To register, please see the poster. Here’s how it works The course consists of 2 parts:

  1. Online component: Twice per month, James and/or special guests present an online video class and other materials. There are 10 topics (or steps), covered over 20 classes. Each video is available online for students to access for one year after it is presented. This portion of the course costs US$200; however, if this rate is more than you can afford, you can contact James to request a lower rate.
  1. Group component: Twice per month, participants will meet in person as a group, facilitated by Carmen, to meditate, do some of the activities and discuss the teachings from the previous online class. As facilitator, Carmen is taking teacher training for the Awakening Joy course and will be guided by James. There is no charge for the group component.

The meetings will typically be two Monday evenings/month from 7:30 – 9PM, from February 11 through June 24th (See the poster for dates.)