Teacher: Leslie Ellestad In this daylong meditation retreat we will look closely at the ways we can work with the thinking mind:

  • through calming the mind
  • mindfulness of thinking through noting
  • mindfulness of the attitude in the mind and deepening our awareness of it's impact on thought content
  • exploration of wise intention, the second step of the eightfold path
  • cultivation of skillful attitude through the practice of compassion There will be alternate periods of sitting and walking and an opportunity for Q & A.

Please bring your lunch. If you like to sit on the floor, bringing your own meditation cushion or bench is recommended. Supplies are available at YogaMCC for purchase.

$35+gst and dana (a donation) for the teacher. The cost for this retreat covers the use of the studio and the support of the staff in the studio. In the tradition, the cultivation of generosity is a heart practice between the student and teacher. The teacher participates by studying and practicing in order to be able to support the student’s development. The student receives this generosity and supports the teacher in return. This is the tradition of dana. A donation for the teacher.**

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