Everyone can feel the peace momentarily: an interview with Dharma teacher anne mahoney


Planting Seeds in the dharma community: an interview with Barbara ross


A Visit to Sati Saraniya Hermitage, A Training Monastery for Theravada Buddhist Bikkhunis
~ By Lyne Rivest



Peace of Mind
Part 3: Why do I bother with this?

~ A blog series by Jacquie Clarke



Peace of Mind
Part 2: Anger is an indicator of what matters to you

~ A blog series by Jacquie Clarke



Peace of Mind
Part 1:To Ease the Suffering of a Busy Mind

~ A blog series by Jacquie Clarke


Establishing Mindfulness
Getting to know Jayanta (Shirley Johannesen)


Calgary Dedicated Practitioner Group
~ By Leslie Ellestad

In the third in our series of interviews with Calgary Dharma teachers, Jon Clark talks with Anne Mahoney about her approach to practice and life. They explore the places of spiritual and psychological practices, selfing, “leaning into” dukkha and Dharma, as well as how horses can help keep us in the moment. Read the interview

In this second interview with local Calgary Vipassana teachers, Jon Clark talks to Barbara Ross about her Dharma journey.  Read the interview


This last May, I had the opportunity to stay at the Buddhist nuns’ community close to Perth, Ontario. After landing at the Ottawa airport, I was greeted by a cheerful Anagarikā named Acalā. Accompanying her was a visiting American 8-precept nun by the name of Khemanandī who drove us to the Hermitage which is located 1.5 hours southwest of Ottawa in rural Lanark County. The hermitage is home to the Canadian Bhikkhuni Sangha. Read More


My meditation practice has given me insight into two types of questions. Why does this situation bother me? Why do I bother with this situation? When things bother me, it causes me anxiety and distress. During a meditation sit, I will become aware of my thoughts that are streaming by at a rapid pace. Read more


As I meditate, I become aware of my patterns with emotions. Anger comes in various strengths, ranging from mild irritations to raging furies. What I have come to know through meditative studies and behavioural psychologies is that anger is a natural response to situations that seem unfair, where rules have been broken, or you feel threatened. Anger polarizes my stance. Anger is a focussing emotion. Read more


I sought out meditation because I wanted peace of mind. My sleep was irregular because I could not stop thinking about work, or people who annoyed me, or tasks I had forgotten to do. “What if I miss the deadline?” I would ruminate late at night. “I can’t believe she said that to me!”  Read more


In the first of a series of interviews with local Calgary Vipassana teachers, Jon Clark talks to Jayanta about the early days of yoga and Theravada tradition meditation in Calgary. Read the interview


Since September, 2013, I’ve been gathering with a group of fellow meditation practitioners once a month to take part in the Calgary Dedicated Practitioner Group (CDPG). We’ve made a year‐long commitment to the group to get together to meditate, share our experiences and learn more about the Buddha’s teachings.  Read more